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4/17/16 event BAXI Annual BAXI Trip - Caribbean Cruise
6/19/15 product Oatey SCS NEW Water Heater Pans to meet new codes
5/8/15 product M&G DuraVent New List Price Book
4/19/15 product Legend Valve New Products
4/16/15 product M&G DuraVent Introducing the new 80/90 combination vent solution
1/22/15 product Newell Rubbermaid Introducing the new "Slim Jim" waste containers
11/17/14 product M&G DuraVent NEW Polypro Locking Bands
11/7/14 product Spears Manufacturing NEW Grip-Loc Brochure
11/3/14 product Oatey SCS NEW Cherne Iron Grip Plugs
10/17/14 product Mill-Rose NEW "Plumbers Third Hand" from Mill-Rose
9/15/14 product Newell Rubbermaid – IRWIN NEW IRWIN Pliers and Cutters
9/15/14 product ENVIROAIR New Product Offerings from EnviroAir
9/15/14 product HOLDRITE NEW TestRite DWV Testing System
9/15/14 product Oatey SCS Hercules Johni-Ring Updates
9/15/14 product Oatey SCS NEW Hercules Haymaker De-Scaler
9/15/14 product Newell Rubbermaid – IRWIN Installer Bits
9/15/14 product Legend Valve New "Flip Book" Online Tool
9/15/14 product Newell Rubbermaid - LENOX Tool Storage Backpack
9/15/14 product M&G DuraVent NEW DuraTech Adjustable Parts
9/15/14 product M&G DuraVent PelletVent Pro Quick Release Adapter
9/15/14 product Oatey SCS The Power of One Brochure
9/15/14 product Spears Manufacturing EverTuff Grip-Loc Couplings
9/15/14 promo BAXI Gas Networks 2014 Rebates
9/15/14 promo Oatey SCS Oatey FlowGuard Gold UV Indicator Promo
9/15/14 tech BAXI Contractor Success in Gorham, ME
9/15/14 tech Mill-Rose BLUE MONSTER TAPE Application
9/15/14 tech M&G DuraVent OEM Approvals for PolyPro Venting
9/15/14 tech Nomaco Green Building Standard Certification
9/15/14 tech Spears Manufacturing Spears product for Mining & Mineral Processing
5/19/15 news Baxi boilers PHC News article on the Duo Tec boiler
4/22/15 news Legend Valve "The Legend" — April 2015 News
1/10/15 news Legend Valve "The Legend" — January 2015 News
10/17/14 news BAXI BAXI success Story - New York State
10/17/14 news BAXI BAXI Success Story - Long Island NY
10/17/14 news Legend Valve LEGEND Quarterly Newsletter
9/15/14 news Spears Manufacturing NEW Spears New England Distribution Center
9/15/14 news PAW Hydronics PAW Contractor success story